Hello/こんにちわ!My name is Kino Kurosawa. I am a metal/j-pop singer and here to steal your heart! I stream on Twitch as well as upload content to YouTube and TikTok, be sure to check me out for my renowned sultry voice, ASMR, and gaming streams.

  • Live 2D Model: @Vikatus

  • Emotes: by @eightyeightdesign / @aikoito_ / @cakepawzz

  • Twitch Assets: @SugarStreamfly / @AssetShop on Etsy

  • Logo: @riqqyun

  • Video Editor: @Chuduuuu

  • Music Producer: Six String Syd

Business Inquiries:I am availible for VA work in anime, games, fandubs, and music. I have my own recording studio and audio/music producer.For business inquiries please email [email protected]